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Language & Linguistic Services
The Czech Files offer a full spectrum of language services related to the Czech language from expert translating and interpreting (by sworn legal translators/interpreters) to complex linguistic advisory and other assistance you or your company may seek. Our experienced consultants will be happy to provide information about the origins and historical development of the Czech language, as well as grammar and use of the modern Czech language in Czechia and around the world.
Translators & Interpreters
The Czech Files use services of experienced translators and interpreters whose sworn legal office has been superlegalized under the authority of the Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic. Official translations done by these translators have full legal validity around the world.
We welcome any inquiries and requests, small and large jobs alike. We believe we can satisfy needs of all our clients, whether you may wish to publish a complex technical documentation for your products in the Czech language, or just need legal translation of your Czech birth certificate into English.
Prices & Terms
In most cases we charge 8 US cents per word for Czech to English and English to Czech translations. For more details, please write to

Certified legal translations from Czech to English and vice versa start at 60 US dollars per page. Cost of large orders, simple translations without certification, as well as benefits for continued patronage are of course negotiable.

Most translations can be shipped in electronic form and/or laser printed via courier at our cost (orders exceeding USD 200).

All our certified translations are guaranteed. Should they be returned to you by official authorities of any country as inadmissible or incorrect, simply send the original translated documents along with original correspondence from such authorities to us within 30 days, and we will refund your money.

Interpreting and specialized consulting can be arranged for you or your company in select cities around the world. Legal interpreting starts at 200 US dollars per hour (two hours minimum), plus applicable expenses of the interpreter (cost of stay). Large orders, as well as benefits for continued patronage are of course negotiable.

Most interpreting and consulting requests can be accommodated via long distance conference calls, fax, or electronic mail. Cost of "real time" interpreting or consulting starts at 200 US dollars per hour (two hours minimum). Additional long distance charges may apply in some cases.

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